The campaign begins in Heredad de Monteagudo

The first trucks loaded with olives start to move to the Heredad de Monteagudo facilities. This is the official beginning of the campaign in the company.

The abundant spring rains and the rains registered during the last weeks are expected that they can propitiate a better year of harvest than the last one. It is also expected that the quality of the olive and therefore this year`s oil, is good.

The traceability of our Olive Oil begins with the reception of the olive or raw material.

The HARVEST OF THE OLIVES is always carried out directly from the tree, being discarded that which has fallen to the ground. The harvesting is carried out in the field at the moment in which the olive is in its Optimum Index of Maturation (or “Envero”), corresponding this one with the value of 4,5. This means half of green olive, half of black olive. In order to know the moment in which the olive is in this index, our technical team samples the different plots and determines the right moment of harvesting (which varies depending on the climatology of each year). It is in this moment when the olive has formed, and in its best moment, all the volatile ones (odors and flavors) and all the polyphenols (antioxidants and stabilizers of the product). This is the first step for the TRACEABILITY of our product.


When we receive the raw material, the first thing to do is to know and determine its origin. In this way, the plot and the polygon from which it comes, the date it entered the mill, its variety, the quality of the olive, the quantity and the name of its supplier/farmer are reflected in our files.

In this way, in the process of elaboration we will know by the date of reception of the olive from where it comes from, the hopper in which it has been stored before passing to its elaboration and the variety that we are going to grind.

Once the harvest has begun, the product is delivered to the mill on a daily basis. When the olive arrives at the mill, it is cleaned with air in order to remove the small branches, bouquets and leaves. At this moment some samples are collected to carry out the first physical-chemical and organoleptic analysis to determine the quality of the oil that will be extracted from the olives.

Depending on the results of this first control, we direct the olive to one hopper or another depending on the technical decision.