New website and corporate image launched

We are premiering in Heredad de Monteagudo. We are launching our new website.

For a reference company in the olive oil sector at a national level, it is essential to maintain a fresh, dynamic and connected corporate image with its customers. With this in mind, we decided some time ago to make a graphic renovation of the company, accompanied by the launch of a new website that would transform a section that was beginning to be outdated. It is a field, the digital, that is in continuous progression and renovation and we could not stay in the way.

That is why we decided to transfer this task to Beedit ( A marketing and creative studio that after several proposals managed to succeed with a new design for the corporate image of Heredad de Monteagudo, keeping the castle that is a faithful reflection of our strength and which makes us widely recognized in the sector, but giving it a more dynamic and current image.

Along with this renewal of corporate elements has come a change of air to the website. A page with a neat and clean appearance, with accessible menus and that transmits the eminently industrial character that we intend to reflect in the eyes of the consumer. At the same time,
and completed with elements such as the blog and the improvement of the perception of the company in SSR, as a modern company we aim to maintain greater contact with clients, either through publications in these social media and current news from both the sector in general and the company in particular.

Finally, we have renewed the image of our own production line. The company’s own brand, Épiro, has undergone a small aesthetic retouching. A second range of oils has been launched under the Ílium brand, which will serve as a complement to Épiro, trying to extend the already wide range of this one. And a new line has been created at AOVE´s Premium, under the Maros brand. A limited edition brand for a product with excellent qualities.