Heredad de Monteagudo
The olive oil company

At Heredad de Monteagudo we work with vertical integration which allows us to control all the processes in the oil production, from the harvesting of the olive to the marketing, including production, packaging and storage, as well as the monitoring of all our products up to the final consumer. To this end, industrial digitalization in all our processes with a focus on the customer, which together with the international standard in quality and food safety IFS (International Featured Standard) ensure the origin, traceability and quality of the products we commercialize.


All of this, with quality as the main objective of Heredad de Monteagudo, is applied to the different oils and formats that we offer: our own brands, private brands and industrial formats.

From the olive to the consumer

We handle the production process of our oils from the origin in the field to the conservation of the product already elaborated.

We give versatility to the client

We add value to all the oils we produce by packaging them in our own brands, private customer brands or in large industrial format containers.

The value of experience

Many years are witnesses of our work in the sale of the different oils that we produce, and all this experience is transferred to our commercial work, where we offer the best conditions to our customers, national or international.

Connected to you
Knowledge at the service of our customers

Having all the information in real time of all the processes,  gives our products a value and transparency recognized by our customers.

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Know our facilities
Global Company

In Heredad de Monteagudo we go wherever you ask us to go. To do this, our export department travels to different markets with the aim of satisfying the needs of all our clients.

Latest News

New website and corporate image launched

We are premiering in Heredad de Monteagudo. We are launching our new website. For a reference company in the olive oil sector at a national level, it is essential to maintain a fresh, dynamic and connected corporate image with its customers. With this in mind, we decided some time ago to make a graphic renovation...
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The campaign begins in Heredad de Monteagudo

The first trucks loaded with olives start to move to the Heredad de Monteagudo facilities. This is the official beginning of the campaign in the company. The abundant spring rains and the rains registered during the last weeks are expected that they can propitiate a better year of harvest than the last one. It is...
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