Quality and food safety
Quality as a central theme

If there is one thing we can boast of, along with our vertical integration, it is our Quality Management System, which is present in each and every one of our processes, paying special attention to the production, storage and packaging of oil.

The traceability of our oils is controlled by us from the very beginning. This allows us to tell any client/consumer of our oil from where the bottle that he has acquired and what has been the process of development from the tree to the bottle.

As a result of our exhaustive and rigorous control of traceability we can know at all times the origin, destination, production and packaging process, people and parties involved in each process, controls to our products, as well as have access to all this information accurately, quickly and easily.

In this way we will always know the origin of the product and its final destination in the market.

The recognition to all this work is to have been endorsed by the most prestigious certification of quality and food safety that today can be obtained for a food product, as it is the IFS FOODS, obtaining certification at a high level with scope in production and packaging.

This certification guarantees the food safety of all the products we produce in Heredad de Monteagudo. But it goes further, helping to comply with all the requirements of legal security of the company and our suppliers, giving an enormous security to customers.

To serve all our customers we are a company authorized FDA to operate in the U.S. market and we are also certified in organic production by the certifying agency CAAE to produce and market oils of organic production.

Production and packaging

To ensure the quality of a product the main thing is the raw material from which it comes, hence Heredad de Monteagudo is very strict when choosing the raw material that will make up the product we offer our customers.

As for production we begin the controls in the reception of olive and oil, assuring that they do not contain residues and certifying their origin.

Prior to packaging, the containers are blown, which have previously been approved by means of certificates of conformity which, together with the tests and migration tests carried out on PET containers, ensure the viability of preserving the oil.



The oil comprises the heart of our company therfore we ensure its quality through the controls established during the processes such as pre-cleaning in the process lines, temperature controls or process times.

Analysis and conservation

In Heredad de Monteagudo we have the idea that the greater the confidence with our clients, the better the commercial relations, that is why we analyze the 100% of the oil lots that we produce to have the certainty of the quality of our products, and for this to happen, it is no less essential the conservation of the oil carried out by means of filtration of all the produced lots, controlling the temperature in our warehouses and storage facilities, and making use of alimentary nitrogen to avoid the oxidation inside the deposits and inside the bottles.