Technology and food safety

In our facilities we have areas for the reception of raw materials, production, packaging, filtering and storage, designed for the development and control of products under the most demanding quality standards, commitment to the protection and integration with the environment.

We have different areas for the reception of raw materials and production. The raw material reception area is where the production process begins, this is where the inspections and data collection of the products prior to their production begins. The oil production area, with the capacity to manage 650 tons of olives daily, is sensorized to control process times, temperatures, humidity and flow rates, as well as energy consumption.

Sensorized and temperature-controlled interior cellar with a capacity to store 4,000,000 kilos of oil. Connected in real time, where we carry out temperature and volume controls for each tank to know at all times the state and product of each one. We work with differentiated ducts according to the types of oil and food nitrogen addiction in the tanks for the conservation of the product. Once the oil has been stored, we carry out an analysis on each of the consignments to verify the finished product.

In order to obtain a product that maintains all the physical and organoleptic properties it is essential to carry out this process in which we verify by sensors and monitoring in real time the state of the product before packaging with controls of temperature, pressure and flow along with safety systems that guarantee the arrival of the product in optimal conditions to the package.

Bottling area with blowing containers that guarantee 100% safety and a capacity to bottle up to 50,000 bottles a day, to which we add food grade nitrogen to preserve 100% of the oil’s characteristics. In this part of the process we verify that the labelling is correct, we carry out net weight controls to check the filling of the containers and we control that the lot is correct to ensure complete traceability.

Warehouse with differentiated storage areas for auxiliary packaging products and finished products. In this area we control the temperature for the conservation of the product. We have a finished product dispatch area where the last inspection of the product is carried out before its final destination.

With these figures we can guarantee the supply and variety of all products to our customers.

At present we are certified with scope in oil production, storage and packaging in the quality and food safety standard IFS (International Featured Standard), an internationally recognized standard that allows access to all markets and consumers around the world.

All our processes and departments work in a digital environment, which allows greater security, flexibility, agility and quality in terms of product development and customer service.