Industrial Products
Bulk Formats

Not every customer requires the same product. Therefore, from Heredad de Monteagudo, aware of the diversity of customers and needs, we offer all our products in formats that are especially suitable for professional and industrial customers without leaving behind the quality of our oils. Flexibility and adaptation to the client.

Multiple Formats
From small barrels to large cisterns

Our versatility and storage and supply capacity allow us to offer our clients the format they need according to their activity and/or market.

Different varieties
The product you need

We produce and distribute olive oil in its different varieties and qualities as well as olive pomace oil and sunflower oil, which we store in our own facilities. We adapt to customer needs.

Vertical integration
Absolute process control

Our company structure favours a reduction in production costs, continuity of supply and negotiation capacity, all to the benefit of the client.

Industrial Digitalization
The new industrial revolution

We are a company connected to our customers and digitally equipped, where we integrate all the processes to have in real time the data that allow us to control all the processes and their good performance.