Mission, Vision and Values
Quality Olive Oils

The activity that we carry out from Heredad de Monteagudo has as main aim the permanence and sustainability of the environment.

We are an honest company that lives the olive grove with the strength that only the passing of generations can provide.

Committed with the sustainability of the rural environment, seeking an integrated production that respects the environment or providing a quality product always under the protection of food safety, are key to the work we develop in Heredad de Monteagudo.


Mission Statement
To produce quality Olive Oil focusing on food safety and environmental sustainability, thus making our products reach the most demanding public. Thanks to vertical integration, which allows us great flexibility and great support for our suppliers, we can reach both national and international markets.
We are an effective and dynamic organization, committed to people who help us grow by giving the best of themselves, with a great work environment, offering a wide range of products adapted to the needs of consumers to create a network of work under common and lasting values. (Humility, effort and sacrifice).
In Heredad de Monteagudo we make an effort to carry out a work, day after day, that enhances the valuable product that we have in our hands, supporting us in the practice of the key values that we have been cultivating throughout our history: - Tradition and Responsibility. - Commitment and respect with our collaborators. - Search for excellence.
Corporate Social Responsibility
From our mission comes respect for the environment in which we live, its conservation and support for the growth of farmers who work with us and the areas they inhabit. In order to achieve this, we must support and provide all the people who work and collaborate with us with the resources to continue advancing as well as training the next generations so that they preserve the values that precede us, having olive oil as their central axis so that, helped by current tools, they empower and help to develop and improve the lives of the people around us.