Heredad de Monteagudo
Growth and expansion
“Los Pinos”

During the decades of the 1940s and 1960s different actions were carried out in order to improve our facilities and their adaptation to the new forms of olive oil production.

Six decades after its origins, in 1965, Mr. Vicente Tomás married to the daughter of Mr. Alfonso Monteagudo acquiring the “Los Pinos” estate, near “La Crujía”, which also has its own olive oil mill which joins the activity that had been carried out in the “La Crujía” olive oil mill.

With this new plant, the aim is to be located in a strategic and logistical area closer to the capital of Spain and more accessible to other olive oil producing areas such as Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

In these facilities, various extensions and adaptations have been carried out since 2006 to achieve the facilities that Heredad de Monteagudo has today.

These facilities have been undergoing various expansions and adaptations since 2006 until today to get the facilities that has today Heredad de Monteagudo.

The origins
“La Crujía”

The origins of “Heredad de Monteagudo” date back to five generations when Mr. Inocencio Monteagudo planted the first olive trees in this land and began the journey that goes all the way to our times.

In 1902 his son, Mr. Alfonso Monteagudo, taking over from his father, continued to acquire the “La Crujía”, a rustic estate in the province of Jaén. In the following years, “La Crujía” began to sell its own oil thanks to the oil mill that was installed in its facilities.

The Way to the Present
Industrial reconversion

After the changes that arose during to the industrial reconversion in the production of the olive oil and in search of new varieties of olive to continue improving the quality of the oils, the sons of Mr. Vicente Tomás acquired in the 1.995 some lands in the province of Ciudad Real, in the term of Torrenueva, where they constructed a new oil mill to which they derived all the production of the province of Jaén.